Hylton Nel at the Fine Art Society

23 May - 16 June 2017
Hylton Nel at the Fine Art Society

Hylton Nel exhibits ceramics including plates, vases, bowls and plaques at the Fine Art Society, London. For Use and Display is his fourth solo exhibition at the gallery and will be accompanied by a catalogue.

Viviane Sassen at the Deichtorhallen

13 May - 20 August 2017
Viviane Sassen at the Deichtorhallen

UMBRA by Viviane Sassen will be exhibited at the House of Photography at the Deichtorhallen as one large spatial installation. Sassen has made a new series of works that focus on the play of light and shadow, supplementing these with previously unseen images from her archives.

Penny Siopis - Open Form/Open Studio

April - July 2017
Penny Siopis - Open Form/Open Studio

Penny Siopis - who recently received an honorary doctorate from Rhodes University - is in residence at the Maitland Institute, working in situ on large-scale paintings. The space is open to the public (Wednesdays from 26 April, 11am to 3pm, and by appointment), offering a rare opportunity to see how her glue and ink paintings evolve.

Jo Ractliffe and Viviane Sassen

Jo Ractliffe and Viviane Sassen are included in an exhibition of contemporary photographic seascapes titled Sea Views. The exhibition, to be held in the Philips Wing of the museum, focuses on each piece as an extensive exercise in 'air, light and tide'.

Simon Gush at the 19th Encounters Documentary Festival

Invasion by Simon Gush will be screened at the 19th Encounters Documentary Festival. The film is a re-enactment of a first-person account of South Africa’s invasion of Lesotho in 1998, and was previously selected for participation at the 63rd International Short Film Festival in Oberhausen.

Mawande Ka Zenzile and Kemang Wa Lehulere at Michaelis Galleries

Mawande Ka Zenzile and Kemang Wa Lehulere are included in Looking After Freedom at the Michaelis Galleries. The exhibition seeks to 'give visibility to artistic practices that escape the grasp of art history—where it is located, how, by whom, and for what reasons'.

NTU in Zurich

NTU, of which Bogosi Sekhukhuni is a part, is included in Americans 2017 which is set  to showcase new productions by 19 artists 'reflecting the influence of US-based ‘computerized processes’ over information, aspirations and concerns'. The exhibtion is curated by Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Pieter Hugo at Fotografia Europea

Pieter Hugo is included in Up to Now. Fabrica Photography showing as part of Fotografia Europea. Fabrica has selected 37 photographers and over one hundred works, and this review focusses on the works of young photographers that have gained international recognition over the years.

New African Photography in Ulm

Edson ChagasSimon Gush and Mame-Diarra Niang are included in Recent Histories - New African Photography at the Walther Collection. Featuring 14 contemporary artists of African descent, born in the early 1970s and onwards, the exhibition investigates social identity, questions of belonging and an array of sociopolitical concerns.

Meschac Gaba at Kunstraum Baden

Meschac Gaba shows among various artists in Markets and Man: of economic and other values. The artists have been asked to 'put up new contexts for discussion, drawing threads between emotions and capital'.

NTU in London

NTU: UBULAWU will be the first UK exhibition by NTU, of which Bogosi Sekhukhuni is a founding member. Drawing on the collective’s research project NTUSAVE, this programme continues their engagement with Ubulawu – a sacred collection of plants with phytochemical properties used in southern African spiritual practice.

Focus on Africa at Fondation Louis Vuitton

At Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris, Art/ Afrique, le nouvel atelier features Nicholas HloboJane Alexander, Moshekwa Langa, Zanele Muholi, Kemang Wa Lehulere and Bogosi Sekhukhuni on Being There, South Africa; Barthélémy Toguo on The Insiders; and Robin Rhode and Meleko Mokgosi as part of the collection.

Jo Ractliffe on Things Fall Apart

Jo Ractliffe is included in Things Fall Apart - 'reflections on African connections to the Soviet Union' - curated by Mark Nash. The exhibition was previously shown at Gallery Municipais, Lisbon, Calvert 22, London, and Iwalewahaus, Bayreuth.

Zander Blom at the ICAIO

Zander Blom is a visiting artist at the Institute of Contemporary Art Indian Ocean, with a presentation including workshops and a solo exhibition.

Anton Kannemeyer in Belgium

Anton Kannemeyer shows in Frans Masereel and Contemporary Art: Resistance in Images. The exhibition looks at Masereel's ideas in dialogue with the work of contemporary artists, highlighting their social commitment.

Various artists at FM Center for Contemporary Art, Milan

Work by Guy Tillim, Meschac Gaba, Nicholas Hlobo, Moshekwa Langa, and Robin Rhode is included in The White Hunter. African Memories and Representations curated by Marco Scotini. The exhibition intends to challenge identity politics and propose a de-centered subjectivity, one that goes beyond the capturing gaze.

Award for Penny Siopis' Time and Again
Time and Again, Penny Siopis' monograph edited by Gerrit Olivier, spanning 35 years of her career and accompanying her survey exhibition, has won the Creative Collections category at the 2017 Humanities and Social Sciences Book Awards.
Afrique Capitales in Paris and Lille

Meschac Gaba, Simon GushNicholas Hlobo, Moshekwa LangaNandipha Mntambo and Guy Tillim are included on Afrique Capitales, curated by Simon Njami, at La Villette in Paris (including the Mois de la Photo) and the Gare Saint Sauveur in Lille.

'Artist of the Year'

Kemang Wa Lehulere is Deutsche Bank's Artist of the Year for 2017, with a solo exhibition titled Bird Song at the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, Berlin, accompanied by a new monograph. Wa Lehulere was also shortlisted for the 2017 Future Generation Art Prize.

Pieter Hugo, NGV Australia

Work by Pieter Hugo will be appearing in the Contemporary Photography section of the National Gallery of Victoria Festival of Photography in Melbourne.

Deborah Poynton at Sharjah Biennial

Paintings from Deborah Poynton's Arcadia body of work are showing in the 13th edition of the Sharjah Biennial, curated by Christine Tohmé under the title Tamawuj.

Pieter Hugo at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg presents a survey of Pieter Hugo's work, titled Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, in February 2017 - the artist's first solo museum show in Germany. The show, spanning 13 years of work, is accompanied by a new monograph.
Sekhukhuni wins a Prix Net Art award

Rhizome, the New York–based digital arts organisation, has named Bogosi Sekhukhuni as one of three winners of its annual Prix Net Art award. This year, each winner is awarded an unrestricted prize of $5 000, funded by the Chronus Art Center in Shanghai.

Nandipha Mntambo, Stoschek Collection

Nandipha Mntambo is included in an exhibition at the Julia Stoschek Collection titled Jaguars and Electric Eels. The exhibition investigates an alternative interpretation of anthropology and zoology.

Pieter Hugo at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Pieter Hugo and Nandipha Mntambo are included in Regarding Africa: Contemporary Art and Afro-Futurism at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The exhibition seeks to 'reflect the vitality and effervescence that motivate Africa today, as well as the chaotic, brutal and at times tragic African reality'.